why you shouldnt accept a counter offer
Why you should never accept a counter offer:

In our wealth of experience, we have learned that accepting a counter offer is unwise. Why should it take you to hand in your resignation for something to finally change? All too often employers seem so sorry, suddenly offering you more money, an internal promotion or opportunity for recognition that they had previously declined.
Realistically, there must be strong reasons for leaving a job before most employees will even consider searching for a new one. You need to ask yourself, if I accept this counter offer, will those reasons disappear? The likely answer; probably not!

Employee’s realities:
  • Micro- management of employees still remains
  • The company culture is going to remain exactly the same (tedious)
  • Lack of recognition for your hard work will not change
  • The systems in place will remain inadequate as they will never be implemented correctly
  • The glass ceiling on your growth and progression is not going to disappear
Employer’s realities:
  • Begin worrying about the loss of company information
  • Feeling threatened and irritated that he was put in that position
  • A feeling of betrayal for meeting with other companies behind his back
  • Inconvenience of having to re-hire, and re-train, a new employee
  • Due to the pay rise, you will be expected to take on the extra work load for the rest of the staff
  • With the promotion comes extra responsibilities, you must lead by example at all times, no more knocking off early or coming in late

A bitter taste of disloyalty could linger in your boss’s mouth and as soon as he is in a position where he no longer needs you, you could be the first to know about it. How can you expect your boss to remain loyal and look after you, when you had been meeting with other companies behind his back? The truth is that accepting a counter offer is only going to be a temporary fix for both parties, and is very unlikely that it is going to resolve any of the issues which saw you seeking out alternative employment in the first place.